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Welcome to vet-THERM we specialize in veterinary infrared thermography. We provide a range of services including equine infrared imaging and other companion animal thermography, as well as veterinary infrared thermography training.


History of Veterinary Medical Thermography

Body surface temperature measurement is a tool that has been used for centuries starting with the Greeks who covered the human body with mud and observed the patterns formed as the mud dried. These methodologies thus evolved into modern veterinary medical thermography.

You go to the doctor or take your pet to the vet, and one of the first procedures that either does is to take the internal body or "core" temperature with a thermometer. Temperature changes are always the foremost indicators of a simultaneous structural change; generally speaking, nature attempts to keep core temperatures stable so if the temperature is changing, something is definitely happening. When a temperature change affects the animal you care for, you understand the need to find the source of the problem quickly and start the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Temperature change is where veterinary infrared thermography plays an important role. Measuring surface body temperatures with a veterinary infrared thermography camera (IRT) is a much more sophisticated version of the mud patterns used by the ancient Greeks. It shows us where to investigate further to find the underlying problem. Once treatment has been instituted, it shows us how effective the treatment is. And additionally, veterinary infrared thermography helps us monitor the animal athlete's body to see how well it is adapting to any training it is undergoing.


Veterinary Infrared Thermography

IRT is a tool of the present that will continue to find use as we look into the future where it will still be a primary indicator of change, good or bad. At vet-THERM, we are promoting the use of veterinary medical thermography to help insure a better future for all animals and their owners/care takers.

Our Services Include:

§  Infrared Imaging & Image Interpretation

§  Veterinary Infrared Imaging Technician Training

§  Infrared Camera System Consultation & Sales

§  Internet Infrared Image Interpretation Service


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Veterinary Medical Thermography

ABT Certified Veterinary Thermographer

veterinary infrared thermography

Irritation from the saddle caused by compensatory movement to protect thin/sore soles.

Veterinary Medical Thermography

Thoroughbred mare with declining performance. Thermogram showing an OCD lesion in right hock.

veterinary infrared thermography


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